Sunday, January 15, 2023

Friends- Bangalore Days

Naveen is currently working in a start up and I got a chance to catch up with him after a long time. I headed to Koramangla from Sarjapur on Sankranthi holiday. Other boys were on video call and got a chance to catch up with Vikas, Sachin, Karthik, Sam & Jaya. 

We were catching up on where we left, discussing work, family, friends and life. We tried Meghana Biryani, which seemed to be a big hit in Bangalore. 

After hours of staying in his place, we decided to walk out into Bangalore Streets. I dragged naveen to Blossoms. He obliged and joined me. I left him in myriads of book shelves. I bought a whole basket of books. Out of which, I wanted Naveen to read The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. This book was suggested by Chemistry mam. Thanks Mam for the suggestion. This is one of the book I love. 

At blossoms, there was a talk on book publishing. Listening to it and walking through the shelves, we decided to walk out of it after Naveen had enough of books. 

Later, we walked through church street,MG road and chilled at Samsung Opera House a bit. 

In search of some juices to rehydrate us, we walked into Garuda Mall. In the mall, we landed at Lenskart before reaching out to juices. N began to try out  spects, while I was idling checking  out the setup and the spects and the whole business around it. 

Atlast, we walked to Koramangla, the bustling street with couples, friends, gangs and many more outsiders. We walked through the streets talking much about life and hygiene.  At the end, we had a dinner at A2B and called it a day, returning to N's place.

With few, you can start the conversation where you left. College gang seems to be constants in life. 

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