Sunday, January 15, 2023

Travel Diaries- Bangalore Days - Day1

My First work trip in 2023. 

Kadapa to Bangalore. I had to attend a meet at the university. I booked a bus journey through redbus. I picked APSRTC over private buses. With APS RTC, there's a sense of security that I'll reach the place safely. With private buses, there's always a sense of fear due to it's reckless driving. 

Comfort wise, the government buses has basic. They can upgrade a bit on this front. 

I was given a blanket and bottle. I put my eye mask on and dozed off. Right in the morning at 4 am, I was dropped at Bangalore. 

No sooner I got out than the auto drivers surrounded me speaking in Hindi at first, asking my destination. As I began to speak a bit in Kannada and Telugu, they switched their languages and proposed me to take me to my destination. 

Howmuch ever I politely reject them, they still persist to take a ride in their autos. As I began to book Ola Cab, they left me, trying to find business elsewhere. Reached Wipro Guest House at 5 am in the morning. 

Without any hassle, got into campus and was ready for the day. 

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