Sunday, January 15, 2023

Jaipur Journals- Plays and Characters

Mr.A walked and the way, he opened up the possibility of the story with a simple question and the way he probed actors to think more about the characters was interesting.

There was a son in the play who is aged 16. What would be the aspirations of a teen boy. What are his habits? What are his complexes? What does he wear? What does he carry in his pockets? How much thinking does he do for himself and for his family?

There’s a lot that goes in thinking. 

Watching the Mantr by Premchand play, what if you make this as contemporary and bring the COVID time. Imagine a doctor who worked in 2000s and now he is there his son suffering in COVID times. That’s what it is, I’m just thinking loudly and also imagining out of the box ideas.


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