Friday, January 20, 2023

Friends- Surprise & Short catch up

It's tough to catch up with friends in Bangalore thanks, to it's traffic. However, I decided to catch up with few, if possible. 

On the last day of my trip, I visited Sapna Book store to buy some art supplies. Busy in selecting the canvas sheets and colors, I missed a few phone calls. Glad I opened my phone for some reason. After a little chat, we decided we'll catch up over coffee in-person. 

V had a long holiday in the hills and returned Bangalore recently. As we met, we immediately headed to a small Udupi Grand Hotel for a coffee. V shared about the new internship she took in Bangalore. Both of us met, thanks to Azim Premji Foundation. We talked a little about Foundation and then went on with our traveling stories. 

V went to Himachal Pradesh during monsoons and traveled a lot there. I think the traveling has done it's job. V is more merrier and at peace. So happy to see her being herself. Discussing creative lives, she shared her writing journey and her decision to go through all her old journals. Good to know.  We walked a bit and had dinner. She had done the big task, selecting things from the menu. 

We walked further discussing new interests, Dapostar, songs, and books. Didn't expect that I'd meet her. Glad to catch up with her. Looking forward for more visits to Bangalore

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