Sunday, January 15, 2023

2023- New Resolution

I've never worked on any resolutions at any new year. This time, I've decided to constantly work throughout the year on the WHY. That's my resolution for every day of the year.  

Working on Why would help me to focus my energy  to invest on. I could observe that I've spent energy on various little things, expecting a lot than what I can get, given the amount of energy, focus I put on those things. I've always felt that I need to be more focused in the present. Now, I realised that it's a need to live a sane life. I can't afford to be distracted all the time and expect high productivity in life. It's time, I prioritise and focus on few things in life. 

Majorly I could think of three things right now

1) Finish Travelers' University 

2) Work on Professional growth

3) Be Present

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