Friday, April 29, 2022

My journey to India Art Fair

Deprived of sleep yet, made it to the station in time, thanks to Uber moto guy who dropped me on the right platform. Just near by the railway station, I had Poha. The poha seller whose work seemed to have his own rhythm. The way he spread the masala seemed aesthetic. Well what's aesthetics now?

No idea.

Got on to the double decker train. For the first time, got into the lower platform. Window Seat L 28. As I'm going to spend a whole day at the fair, I decided to rest a bit. Napped for a while and went on journaling. Railway journeys seemed to put me at writing. I write a lot whenever I'm on train. 

The place sometimes puts us to think different but, if there's something that's bothering, nothing seemed to work. 

A quick small walk from Delhi Cant, I got into the Delhi Cant Metro Station. A five minute drive under the Delhi Sun was not bad. I found a few trees attractive. Quickly, got into the metro station and headed to Lajpat nagar, changed the lines to Govind Puri. In no time, I was near India Art Fair. 

Looking forward to some awesome experiences at India Art Fair

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