Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Books- The Book Thief by Marcus Suzak

Narrated by Mr.death, a story of a book thief who finds solace in words, peace in words, answers in words and also hates words because, it's all because of words. It's because of words, Hitler could bring the world down. It's because of words, the book thief survives. Set in 1940s, in Nazi Germany, a story of ordinary lives who exempt love and kindness.. 

Leisel Meminger, along with her brother is taken to Munich by her mother to hand over to foster parents. Lesiel brother's doesn't make it. He dies in a train and mother never returns. Leisel had to stay with the Hubermanns, her foster parents. A home of Hubermann, has a silver eyed accordinist, Hans Hubermann, the who survived wars with the luck of devil, a kind painter and doting father. Rosa Hubermann, is woman of big mouth and fearing person. 

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