Sunday, April 17, 2022

Jaipur Journals- The usual preparation

As I'm on my work trip again, I got least time to prepare mentally for it. For 10 days I'll not paint and I can't revisit my journals. As I got an idea to work on my book, I'm running through all my journals which is like a time machine. The work may get halted as I often love to refer to my journals to rework on poems and pick the journal entries to create poems on them.

At the last minute, I packed my stuff and wondered how many books should I carry. As I knew that I'd spend most of the time chatting with colleagues, I picked only two books. One, 'Poets Handbook' and the other, 'My name is Red.'

This time, I had Aman, Shankar, Azhar with me heading to their destinations. Dropped them at the station and headed for my bus. 

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