Friday, April 15, 2022

jaipur journals-A good evening

It's a good day. We started and and stock to the beds rolling on it. While I was trying to read a new book, my name is red novel by Orhan Pamuk. Shankar, Azhar and Aman were stuck to screens.  I was almost maintaining the Roza until evening. We never got out of the AC room at all. By evening, we got all the veggies, cleared the room, cleaned the space and got into cooking. I insisted that I'd cook Dal in  the new way I learnt. Azhar began to cook potatoes. Over some music, we Azhar and I took space in the kitchen to cook. Like old times, we broke the Roza with some lassi and fruits. I was in a mood to create art, write poetry. I continued to write for a while. I went out for a walk and enjoyed the meal with friends. It was a lovely meal. Good time. 

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