Thursday, April 7, 2022

Jaipur Journals- The PoE Comes to an End

 A 14 day residency program named, Perspectives on Education. It's an introductory course where a lot of colleagues from all over India come to Jaipur to attend it. 

This time, I was not part of it as a participant. However, I mingled with the group. Attending a few favourite sessions, I spent good time with a lot of people. 

I got a chance to catch up with the colleagues, whom I met for small amount of time. Vaishnavi from Bangalore, Kushal, Saurav from Raigarh, Geetika, Jayant, Nawlesh from Sirohi were present. 

Keeping the old habits intact, whenever we found a tea-break, I played table tennis with kushal. Over the time a lot of people got interested in it and we had great time playing at every break and every evening. 

Got to spend some good time and had learning conversations with a lot of them. Discovered the talents of many of our friends. Jayant picked the Table tennis really well and also won the PoE Table tennis tournament in the end. Supriya is amazing in creating art. She  drew a lot of illustrations of her experiences at PoE. Vaishnavi, also picked table tennis quick and gave tough time to all the old players. Mustaqee, Vimit, Kushal, Saurav, Mukul, Satya, Vaishnavi, Jayant, Padma and a lot more  became seasoned players at Table tennis. 

Threw a house party to Tirang, Padma, Supriya & Vaishnavi. Tirang is equally a host as he does all the things. Vaishnavi, Supriya & Padma wer tolerant of the not-at-all-cleanly home.

Got a chance to collaborate with Vaishnavi on creating art. She also shared some cooking lessions. Thanks Vaishnavi for that. 

Played a lot with 8-year-old friend Somyo. It was easy to enact and play with him as king, protector and live in fantasy world. Also, made a cute painting with him. 

Juggling between work and some PoE sessions, I had great time catching up with these amazing people. 

I couldn't get a chance to catch up with everyone as it was a group of 38 members. I was happy to catch up with small group and had a lot of meaningful conversations. 

As I got a time to create something for the friends, I sketched some art  and handed to all the dear friends. 

At the end, as Vaishnavi, Padma & Supriya were leaving for the airport. Imran, Bhagyashree, Mukul, Jayant & I joined to give a send off. The send off seemed to be a closure to PoE.  I walked into the empty basement and took my own time to realize, the fun, the 14-day journey came to an end. 

Many of them didn't enjoy Jaipur, thanks to it's heat or whatever-be-the-reason. Hope to catch up with these friends in some other course, at some other place. 

Looking forward to catch up for more conversations with these interesting people. 

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