Saturday, April 2, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Dal.Rice.Lemon Pickle

"Let's have dinner," my friend suggested. 

I think, I should invite people often, atleast to keep the house clean. External Motivations. Friend was okay with the messy house. Over some music and bright lights, we began to hustle up in the kitchen. I was clumsy around the kitchen and friend took over the control, got the onions chopped, tomatoes chopped, everything was to the finest. When we had to search for chillies, we went on the terrace, searching for chilli. I dropped a lot of things enroute. In the darkness, we were searching for chillies. 

Embarrased by the empty fridge, empty kitchen I got, I made it up by picking some chillies from the roof top garden. 

The first lesson I learnt is to fry the onions and tomatoes, before we boil everything in the dal. Such a simple thing but, I was in awe of the process. First, the fried onions, then the tomatoes and then the dal. Will follow the protocol from now on. 

Unaware of how my pressure cooker works, I gave it up on further cooking process and my friend took it over. Friend waited for the blow of whistles. As we lost the count of whistles over the conversations, we over cooked the dal a bit. However, it came out delicious. 

Dal. Rice. Lemon Pickle. A simple dinner. 

Often the simple dinners are the most memorable events. Thanks dear friend for the dinner and also some cooking tips.

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