Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Jaipur Journals- The Disappointing Ola ride

 I booked an auto from Albert Hall Museum till Sanganer. After the long ride, the serious driver dropped me and demanded cash. "I already made digital payment," I told. "I paid online through Phonepe," I explained him. "I don't know what are you talking about. I only take cash and I've cash," he was determined to extort money from him. I stood by my words. I paid him through Ola app and I'm not paying him again. 

He showed the app and he already earned 554 rs for the day and he says, "I don't understand  these app and the money, hand me cash!"  I was assertive and I didn't. "You talk to Ola and let me know that you paid," he came up with new demand again. The Ola doesn't have the option  of customer care at all. The User interface is so stupid, I couldn't find the option of call in support at all. Everytime, I receive an article when I need a human help. He kept insisting to have a conversation with Ola Team. I couldn't do that.  

He trailed me and he asked to show my phone, asked to click a picture and kept following me till home. I got into the gate and still he was calling me out. The whole scene lead to a lot of spectators walking  into the scene. 

After the shared explanations, he was still determined and threatened at the end, "I've your number and i'll see you!"

The driver acts naive but, he's not. He earns money through Ola but, he doesn't understand how online payments work. And also the Ola is not at all supportive. I've such a driver walking at my home saying things like, I've your number, I'll get what I want. Ola just shares an article and gives no support. I'm determined to get off Ola and get into Uber. 

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  1. Interesting. But I'm glad you held on and stuck to the right thing. I also think your idea of getting Uber also makes sense. In a market where there are other players, the only thing that improves service from service providers is when they lose customers.


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