Sunday, April 10, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Hamlet Scenes by Department of Dramatics students

 As a part of practical, groups are supposed to select particular scenes and enact. the marks are given based on the actors' performance, stage production, lights, sounds and also a viva on the whole play. 

I got to know about this today only. On the first days, Along with Gaurav, Vrithika, Anuranjan, I watched a few scenes in the compact black box room. Gertrude in a flashy red gown, polonius in a formal white shirt with a blue tie around his neck. It seemed the players were so tensed that, the dialogues seemed mechanical and and expressions seemed animated. 

The next play was directed by Sunaina. They picked the scene where Hamlet meets his Father's ghost. With pure play of light and sound, they could create an eery experience. Walking on the dried leaves amidst leaf less trees to  watch the play was fun. As we need dark space to focus the light on the stage, we stayed in the natural night light for long time, waiting for the play to begin. 

Vijay performed in this play and I've always seen him in serious roles, a total contradiction to his real life personality. 

The first day was all about technicality. There was a major play with light, sound and stage. I called it a day walking around the university after watching a few plays. 

The next day, I walked in at the right time, witnessing some powerful intense plays. Somesh is the show stealer. His commendable acting was engripping that I wanted to watch all his performances. 

Catching up with Gaurav, Vrithika and another friend, we watched all the plays. The scene of Hamlet meeting his father's Ghost was performed by different teams. Picking up the natural spots as the stage, the teams performed well. The last show was delayed due to power cut. 

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