Saturday, April 30, 2022

Friends- Holiday with Sneha Merin

I was planning to attend India Art Fair in Delhi and thinking about crashing at friends' places, I pinged Sneha and she happily agreed to host me. 

Although, she had a lot of plans, she squeezed the time to arrange everything for me and was an awesome host. She was out but, she made sure I had a hassle free stay until she arrived. A very organised friend. 

After a long day, we caught up at morning discussing what we're up to. Over a strong coffee through a French press, we discussed a lot on what's happening in our lives and common interests. Sneha is relocating to Mumbai in next month. I'm glad I made this trip meeting her one last time in Noida before she relocates. 

Both of us decided to have a breakfast at this new restaurant which seemed promising. Kudos to Sneha for the selection of restaurant. We had sumptuous English breakfast. Pleasant ambience and delicious food. Sharing Hyderabadi memories, we cleaned off the plates. 

On a not so sunny but breezy day, we decided to return home by walk. Sneha would be leaving this place soon. So looking at all the places, she was processing that she'd have to leave all this soon. 

Walking around the towering buildings, we opted to sit on a bench to watch the trees around. 

Sneha is energetic personality and her presence drives you to be as energetic as her, if you vibe with her. Also, her interest in music, food, cinema is immense. The intensity with which she talks laughing in between is a sight I don't forget. 

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