Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Jaipur Journals- A meet after long time

Pooja visited Jaipur because of work. We got a chance to catch up. We spent good time playing table tennis. "It's been long time since I played," she mentioned but, she was good at it. While others joined us, we continued playing. I gotta chance to meet Pooja's friend, Abhijeet. 

In a soft tone, we wished each other and carried on our conversations as we were heading home. 

"How did both of you meet?," I asked. 

Smiling and looking at each other, Pooja hinted Abhijeet to explain. "Books."' Abhijeet replied in one word. "Tell me more," I requested to explain, withholding the curiosity.

Do you know Alchemist? He questioned me. 

"Yes. Paul Coelho." I replied. 

"I believe in omens and pooja's status is 'believer in omens.' When I saw her Instagram profile, I texted her, 'Omens with a question mark,' thus began our conversation." 

Pooja, dropped in explaining further. That's again another omen. Of all the 100 DMs I get In Instagram, I chose to reply to only this message because it was about omens but, not the messages like, Hey babe, you look beautiful. 

Catching over the conversations, they continued sharing their lives and when they got a chance to meet for the first time, they met in Jaipur, rented a bike and went off to Jal Mahal for a sun rise. 

Both took their own turns to explain the whole adventure they took upon on their first meet. Abhijeet hails from Gujarat, spent good time in Jaipur. 

He runs a  trekking company called, Cloud Runners. He has also tried his hand at hitchhiking to test his endurance. A lot of beautiful stories to be shared. Over some snacks and fruits, we enjoyed the company of each other. While I returned home, it's was Pooja who encouraged me to go out and check the theatre, which I wanted to go. May be, it is that way, it is supposed to happen. 

"Believeing in omens makes life easy.That's what I beleive in," she mentioned. 

In one way, it's good to follow the vibes and believe in love and life. Thanks Pooja and Abhijeet for dropping in. 

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