Friday, January 21, 2022

Storytelling Session- A lot of questions and more stories

 Rahila invited me to host  a session for the students she teaches. "They've a lot of questions to ask." She mentioned. Let's do only Q n A, I thought and I began the session. Darhaas, Sudarshan, Apoorva, Moksha, Nikitha, Beena & Harish were present in the class. 

Sudarshan asked, "What do we need to create stories?"

Darhaas asked, "What should we do to create a story or any app?" 

I was amused by the way they were thinking through stories and apps. Through a story, we discussed on why do we stop ourselves from asking questions. "nervous, fear, anxiety" were few responses. Subtly discussed how assumptions can stop us from asking even though when we want to ask. 

A student surprised me by a question, "How do we know when a person is acting?" After requesting for an explanation, the student mentioned, "How do we know when a person is acting or being honest with us?" Well, students do have a lot of questions, it's our responsibility to keep the curiosity live. 

I realised, I don't need to find a specific answer for their specific questions. We always don't have to get answers, it's okay to stay in the questions also, I reflected. We shared a few more stories. Students also shared a few more stories. All of us decided to read some books and discuss on 'books' in the next class. 

Looking forward for more discussions. Thanks Wafa for inviting me for the session. 

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