Friday, January 28, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Kitchen Struggles

 It’s been 14 days since I cleaned my kitchen. From the day I returned from Kadapa, I didn’t clean the kitchen. I cleaned out the space where induction cooker lies and tried my hand at cooking. 

No brainer, when you have a dirty kitchen, you don’t want to mess it up more. But, a noob at running the home, I used all my utensils, tried cooking, failed miserably. Lived on juices and anything that doesn’t need me to clean the pans and clean, chop, cook the vegetables. 

Mostly, I lived off carrot orange juice and ragi malt. I find cleaning the juicer everyday also, very hard. But, I didn’t want to have 3 meals a day from Zomato. No, I can’t regress to that lifestyle. 

After 12 am, when I couldn’t sleep, I decided to clean the kitchen and removed everything from the kitchen slab and put on the floor. Cleaning the slab, I did but, to put things back at their place. I’m still struggling. 

I heard that “girls dont mature faster than boys, girls are punished from an early age for the same behaviour that boys are allowed to indulge in well into adulthood" I wish I learnt a lot of things  during my childhood. 

I neither cleaned nor took care of my belongings at home. I realise how I struggle now. 

I’m surprised how terrible I’m at taking care of the place I live in.  I left home in 2012. 

I lived in a (college hostel, 2013) villa where there’s house cleaning staff who’d clean the place. Then a (college hostel, 2014-16) apartment where house cleaning staff would clean the place.  Later, I had house maids who’d clean the place and do all the household work. After I moved to Rajasthan, I did some basiscs. Dropping the trash, cleaning the utensils, mopping the floor once in a while. Now, I’m living alone and I realise how difficult it is to keep the place clean all by myself. 

With the frequent official travel trips, I stay one week a month at house. At hotels, as bed is made every evening we return, I expect my bed to be clean everytime I come to the room. Surprise, the bed is still in the way I left it at the morning. 

Glad I identified the issue rather than pointing the frustration to some other cause. Slowly working on these habits.

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