Monday, January 31, 2022

Darling Coco is no more

Miss Coco is a Golden Retriever whom I met for the first time in the month of July when I was searching for a house to rent. She is one of the reasons to select the house as well. Coco is the only one who'd welcome me every time I return home from work with her hugs and wagging tail. 

Everytime I walk to terrace, she accompanies me demanding me to play with her. If stubborn coco walks out of the gate, she'd take her own time to enter the home again. 

All of a sudden, coco fell sick and had to stay on drip for days. For the last time, I saw her lying down and watching me with her kind eyes. "She's bit disoriented," mentioned Piyush ji, the one who cares after coco really well. Looking at Coco in helpless situation, he shared his fears, "My father is also on death bed and it's his last day." he told rubbing Coco's fur. Soon after I walked away, she managed to reach upstairs in search of water. As she's on drip, doctors advised her to not give food and water directly. 
Deprived from food and water, she managed to reach the source on the terrace and kept circling in search of water. 

Coco seemed disoriented as it stayed at a place for long clueless of where to go. She walks near the wall, faces it and becomes clueless. Unable to reach anywhere, I lifted her up and brought her down, that was the last meet with Coco. 

She had her last breathe on Monday, the day on the old man's funeral. From now, there's no one who'd welcome me home. There's no one who'd accompany on the terrace. Life's hard. It is!

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