Friday, January 7, 2022

Holidays with Harry- Stories, Stories & More stories

 Just before I was leaving to Rajasthan after a long break, Harry called up for the lunch. 

Over the steamed rice, dal & chicken, Harry and I discussed ‘storytelling.’ Over the years, I reflected on what I should work on. I thought of setting up cultural centres, libraries and various random ideas but, whenever I think of storytelling, I sense a lot of opportunity and scope in it. “Take it as a project. Write about it.” Suggested Harry, “Over the time, you can crack it.” He supported. 

We discussed the humans of New York project. I thought of the stories I encountered everyday on every visit. There’s a lot to write, I realize whenever I talk to Harry. I have enough ideas to work on. 

“How was your 40-year old re-union match?” I asked Harry. Recently Harry met his teammates with whom he played  tremendous matches and won during his schooling.  Excited for the meet, he got all the old archives as well. 

Driving through the lanes of Sundar Nagar, Harry said, “The advantage of being a writer is we get into details. We delve into life with keen interest and more observation. If not, the life just goes on and no one remembers the little things. Like the meets we have with friends, jokes we share, stories we get interested on. It's good to write na."

Reading through the old blogs of mine, I could relate. There are so many beautiful narratives of our life which will never be said, if we do not bother to sit and write. 

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