Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Home

The sense of home. Here I come to Jaipur after a month and I'm relieved. It's been only six months since I moved to Jaipur but I told myself that this is my home. staying at different places at different times, I feel  I'm a visitor.  Whichever place I call home, I feel it as home. And when I move away from it, I try to completely be in the new place and consider it as home rather than finding that one place which I can call home. 

Even when I speak to mom,  Naa intiki ra nuvvu, 'come to my home' Whose home is this then? She replied. "It's yours of course. I don't live here, it's not mine, I explained. In return I got scolding, "Kaalu irrokadatha, nee illu naa illu ante." Will break your legs, if you differentiate saying, your house, my house. 

 This reminds me of the Tolstoy's story I read. How much land does a man need? Instead of calling one piece of land as homeland, can we be grateful for the land we live in currently?

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