Thursday, January 6, 2022

Akhila's Birthday

Akhila's birthday. Surprisingly I never called Akhila as Akka but never hesitated to call anyone other than Akhila as Akka. In the family, Akhila is expressive unlike me. I talk but I'm not vulnerable with family members. I shield up myself from the affection I receive and also maintain the same in reciprocating it. I could observe this trait very recently. I'm comfortable to be with my family members, talk to them, listen to them but, I feel I'm not expressive. Akhila is quite opposite to me. I remember her giving me a hand made written card during my exams. She's the one who always send gifts on Raksha Bandhan without a miss. She's more worried about my skin than I'm. Whenever I'm home, she makes sure I take care of my hair and skin. I'm grateful for such care. We talk when we're in need of advises. Akhila is the one who puts a lot of effort in our brother-sister relation. In past, I was ignorant of that fact as well. But now, I'm not! Reflecting on my traits, I sense a conditioning that happened during my childhood. Need to reflect more on it. 

On her birthday, we visited a mandi. Shyam joined us. Over the lunch, we discussed how the day was and called it a day as she had to attend the hospital. 


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