Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Jaipur Journals- The walk

I’ve decided to walk around my neighborhood. Yes, it’s one way to explore the place I live in. Let me walk around and see what lies around. I thought. On a cold evening, I wore my thick jacket and bright blue shoes to stroll around. I took a a few turns and wanted to go to the ground- the one that’s just behind my house. I always saw it from distance but, never entered it. This time, I walked into it. In the ground, has a small krishna temple, and behind it has a open gymnasium. 

It’s been six months and I never knew of it. Glad to have such an amazing public space near my house.  I tried all of the equipment for a while and continued my walk. 

I took a road that has towering white apartments on one side and a dark boundary walls on other side. I walked ahead and found a park with a pavement on the borders and green grass at the center. Jaipur residential areas seemed to have a lot of parks. Looking at the parks, I got reminded of the paragraph from the book I was reading, The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter 

“This is why it’s important to stop thinking that nature, as Yale Professor Steven Kellert said, is “out there, somewhere else.” Like it’s a place that exists only a National Geographic or on voyages to Alaska, Nature is often right outside your window, in your bakcyard, lining you block, and in that park down the street.”

I enjoyed the walk in the park and I walked till I couldn’t feel the cold anymore. I continued my walk and came across this salon. At first, it was silent and then a few people joined and began to play loud thumping random Punjabi songs. I miss the old salons, in which either people talk to you or others in the salon or silently does their job. Soon after the hair cut, I returned home with a bag full of carrots and oranges for the juice. 

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