Friday, January 7, 2022

Leadership Lessons- Time Management

Just before I was leaving to Rajasthan after a long break, Harry called up for the lunch. 

Last minute hurries, I packed my bags late, made driver wait for 20 minutes, made Harry wait wait for 40 minutes to have lunch. Making people wait, I could see how terrible I was at managing the time and communicating it right. 

Talking about communicating the time, Sandy Bhai once told me, "Renny, when you're not going to make it in twenty minutes, do not tell others that you'd be in twenty minutes." 

Time management seemed to reflect our seriousness in life. It’s not gonna come by reading some book or some tip. I need to identify that there’s a problem to fix. I need to work on time management, identify the issues and further work on it.  Will try to be mindful of it. 

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