Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Friendly conversation over a flight

 "I get a chance to meet some interesting personalities at the airport and flight," I mentioned it to Harry leaving to the airport. 

"Woah. This is a fantasy. Did you write about it?" he asked

"Yes. I wrote." I shared with him and headed to the airport. 

At the airport, my flight got delayed by 30 minutes. We stood near the queue trying to board the flight as soon as possible. The crew comes out with the speaker dangling to her waist. Coimbatore passengers, the gate has changed to 102. Please take notice. The gate has changed to 102. She announced and walked. Half of the passengers waiting at 105 for Jaipur flight began to walk towards 102. No thought. No confirmation. Everyone in a hurry to reach, walked to 102. 

"Right message at wrong place." I thought loud. 

"Yeah. Unnnecessary way of hurrying people." a gentleman affirmed. 

Wearing photographer jacket and cargo pant, he carried a cabin sized suitcase with leather bag attached to the suitcase handle. 

I Phone in hand, salt and pepper hair, combed backwards. He reminded me of Ranjit Barot except Ranjit got a different hairstyle. 

"Where are you based out of?" he asked. 

"Hyderabad." I replied. "Oh. What's making you go to Jaipur?" I work at Jaipur. 

"What about you?"

"I'm an Artist. I'm Nikhil Bhandari,"he replied. 

"What art forms are you into?"

"I'm a painter and sculptor." 

"What about you, where do you work?"

"I work at Azim Premji Foundation."

"Oh. That's nice. I know the foundation. Know Azim Bhai well."

"Recently I picked up interest in painting. Glad to catch up with you," I began sharing my interest.

Nikhil shared his work. "Have you been to T3 airport? I made the Mudra." he referred to few of his works. 

"We're not going to make it to the rescheduled time."

We spent talking about how he pursued engineering at first in IIT and then got dropped out to pursue Fine Arts. Both of his doctor parents were okay with him doing what he likes. 

He works out of Jaipur as well as mumbai, having workshops at both the places. Currently, he's working on a art installation for a big hospital in Hyderabad. 

I got a chance to check out his work before we could land in Jaipur. I liked one of his work that has a lot of faces on the giant black shoe. One has to walk under the shoes. 

Here's the link


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