Monday, January 10, 2022

Anjali & I- Elections, Nominations & Positions

Harry and I went out and got chicken puffs to celebrate Anjali's school elections. Anjali nominated herself for head girl position. Like any other task, she was focused at winning.  After a long day, Anjali decided to rest. Since I was leaving in few hours, I wanted to spend some time with her. I didn't let her sleep and she agreed to play TT with me. 

Both of us were playing TT but, I knew that she wanted a distraction from her school stuff. it's too overwhelming to anticipate the elections. I could relate to her feelings. I didn't initiate the conversation on elections. After running around the table to play donkey game, we took a break. Anjali got into her phone. She was texting her people. 

"Shall we play Badminton?" She offered. I agreed. 

As both of us started playing outside, I started, "When I got into elections, I also had this nervous feeling. Couldn't wait till the end." "Did you win?" Anjali asked. "Yeah yeah," I replied with air of confidence. 

"Yeah Yeah?! You're saying as if it's bounded to happen." She started discussing her elections. 

"It's difficult na. People who we go for when we're in need are our friends. And people with whom we're contesting are also our friends. It's very difficult na." 

Today, in the bus, one boy was telling me, Akka i'll vote for you only. X interrupts and says, "Haven't you heard my speech. It's not fair to do that but, I didn't say anything." 

I got reminded of how I spent my time during those elections. Anyway, now, I heard that Anjali won as a a head girl. Congratulations Anjali. 

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