Monday, March 4, 2019

Peer Pressure is not all that hard

A group of friends gathered to celebrate 1 year at the workplace. Alcohol is of a social drink as soon as you grow up. God knows why!

Of the large group, none bothered who drank and who didn't. But, again to be social, a few encouraged few to drink. One resisted from drinking. One waited for the policing. Everyone waited for other's nod to raise the glass. 

It all started with a sip. One girl said, "no," on being offered. Firm about her decision. Untill her friend wanted to try.

Her friend picked up the glass saying," just want to try."

Looking at her friend, no words, no hard insisting. Just a smile. Just a wrong affirmation. The other friend waited for one more nod. Silence prevailed and she got back, "Okay, I'll also try." and she gulped the glass.

Peer pressure is never because of only peers but also your inhibition. Afraid of being marred in obscurity, many try to stick with whatever their friends do.

Many are my friends who started by, "Just once" and ended up slogging jugs of beer all the time.

Not at all against alcohol but against people who try out due to peer pressure. If you think, you want to try out. If you decide to check it out. Well, respect your decision. But, if you're trying out, not to lose out friends or not to lose out from the cool circle. You're in  a wrong place.

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