Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The 80-20 Rule - Stories from Sirohi

It's important to know what we are good at and what we are yet to improve.
And it's equally important to know how to prioritize what.

One of the teachers mentioned it's quite important to see the good rather than the bad. "Yes, we've to acknowledge but we also need to look at the things that can be done." he mentioned.

In the field, teachers crib about drop out rate. On being asked about the percentage, a teacher said,  "80% of children are visiting and only 20 % are dropping out." 

Emphasize on 80% of them to increase their learning level but, not to cringe  on the 20% could be one way to see the situation.

We should spend 80% time on what can be improved with a good number and 20% the of time on what can be improved with the less number. 

May be we need to give 80 % efforts on what we're good at and 20% on what to improve.

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