Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Egg caused it all- Stories from Sirohi

With introduction of eggs into the breakfast in the school, 29 students got dropped out of the school. Of 29 students, there are many brilliant students who love attending school and studying with friends.

“Many of us went to houses and explained to the parents. We’re not forcing on anyone to eat anything. We’ve milk who do not want to eat eggs. It’s up to Parent’s choice to see what kind of food they want to provide to their children,” says the teacher.

“Few parents saw it as a danger and didn’t send their kids to school. 8 kids were sent to school after their parents  listened to the teachers.”
Stories from Sirohi

Imagine, because of one deeply rooted notion,  “impurity by eating certain food”, the child is deprived of a better future. The kid can’t go to school, play with his friends, sing songs in the music class, instead he had to go to a farm along with his father to work in fields.

Let’s dream of a better future.

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