Monday, March 18, 2019

Informing vs Sharing

It's easy to inform people on social media. It helps to reach out to a wider audience. But there's a high chance of turning compulsive on social media.

This is one experiment I made.  Soon after I got selected for a fellowship. I did not inform it on social media. I shared in person with close friends who'd be happy for me.

I shared it with my gang and a few friends. Everyone was quite happy for me. I was contended by their reactions. Is it narcissticity? I don't know.

We share it on the media with sheer expectations of all these and everything from social media seem shallow as I cannot perceive them in the way they react.

Sharing with people in person helped me to contend. There were times, where I put something on social media and go crazy looking at the numbers. Instead of being happy, I was enjoying the buzz but, not for a long time.

But as far as this, I shared it with friends. It lead to hearty conversations and recalled a lot of memories. There was a bond I could create and I suppose this is how it was previously.

Am I gonna anyway put it on the social media?. Yes, I"m gonna put it but, I'm not gonna share it. I'm gonna put it with the intention of informing all the friends.

Sharing experiences and memories immediately on social media brings a compulsive pattern seeking happy memories. 

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