Saturday, March 2, 2019

Gratitude Tales- Change is the constant

 Woke up to sunshine gleaming through the door.

8.03 am and it's the last day at my room. There were many last days at various houses & rooms yet, I never had the sense of missing a room or place. 

I do not get it. I cannot articulate what it means to miss a person or a place. Woke up and worked to pack all the stuff I could. Time struck 10 and I'm on my way to visit Harry's home.

I may not see him for a long time.  But I do feel or miss the time. Am I sure about missing it? I do not know.

We met and started talking as ever. Talked all the stuff that happened. Talked about movies, Rahul Ramakrishna, Hampi Trip.

Harry shared his pictures. Quite a happy retreat. Saw Appupen and a lot more other peoples' stories. 

Shreya joined us. 

Hopping on to the car, Anjali, Shreya and myself went out and played game while on our commute. Word building, specific to brand names, specific to letter, "S"

Shreya drops me home. I still couldn't believe that I may not see her as I do in normal times. I still can't feel that change in my life. 

I make it normal until the end because that's how my life has been. 

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