Saturday, March 16, 2019

Ram Gratitude Tales

 Though I work on management and Ram on Technical grounds, we hit off well and get caught up in conversations really well. 

It's a rarity to see him coming to the office. And once, he even forgot which floor our zone was in. Ram is a traveler who has a love for nature and the mountains. His experiences are innumerable and the perspectives he shares through his travel tales are inspiring and worth learning. 

It's the same yet we never took the time to enjoy it.

Ram shared how he cried watching a sunrise. Amidst a peak over the trek, he saw the sunrise and wept over the time enjoying the whole experience. Watching the sunrise, sunset, moon in the night is my favorite past time and I easily agree on it.. 

It's a surreal experience. I recall those times, as I type this blog now. Away from everything, spending time at nature is the most surreal thing one can do. 

Ram also shared how he witnessed the untamed nature that's quite powerful and mightier than anything in this world. He once went to a homestay which is just by the river, covered by the mountains.

In the middle of the mountains, there's a plain land and a river passing by. Just to the river, there's a homestay and ram spent a night when it struck thunders. 

"Abhinay, The thunders, and sounds frightened. The sight of those thunders amidst the mountains and the water reminded me of how mighty nature is. "

Ram is a person who finds comfort in the needs. At the prime time of earning a lot and accumulating a lot of wealth, he talks about humility, respect, and gratitude. 

Ram once visited India China Border. He was on a bus over the border. He was talking on a phone. An army person overheard and joined for a conversation, asking if he's a Telugu speaking person. 
The army person was glad to find a homie. They caught up in a conversation and listened to all his works and present situations at that place. 

"All I could do was hug him and respect him through my wish. Namasthe."

And I shared the pickles I got.  I take pickles wherever I go. To share with the homestay people and people whom I meet. 

To travel is to learn their culture also na. We try to find out their food and try to give out our food as well. 

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