Thursday, March 7, 2019

Corporate Kahaani- Midweek Blues

Gone are the times I saw my friend Ria cribbing about Monday mornings. Quite surprised by her silence, I asked what's cooking. 

"Midweek Blues Renny" she said. 
Monday mornings was the only one morning, I had to comfort her with a lot of lies and hope for a better weekend which she craves for. No clue why people crave for the weekends when they have all the week to enjoy and have fun.

"Can you drink all night and be passed without a worry of waking up for a day?" said Ria

"Why do you need to do that?" I retorted.

"Because that's what the fun means. Live without a worry. Party without a reason."

I still couldn't get why she wanted to party.

"What's with the midweek Blues now Lady?"

I can't get along till Friday. Unable to pass this week!

"You're just over expecting a lot for this Friday. You are utterly broke and gonna cry at the end"
You don't need to tell me that now. Let me bother about it then.

" Exactly, why do you hate this day when you want to enjoy the Friday. Let the day come, you can enjoy."

"But I hate this day."

Monday's were a break from holidays. Totally understandable.

All the Weekdays are a worry to you since the weekend is at the end of your week.

No wonder people are craving for a 4 day week. Wednesday will be worth to have holidays for people like you.

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