Monday, March 4, 2019

My Computer Lecturer- From My Journal

Just got out of intermediate and we're enrolled in this engineering course. Professional course.

Of all the faculties, we're well respected by CSE faculty. With utmost respect, she addresses each one of us, our favourite professor, Sravani Mam.

It's so heartening to see her after long time. She taught us Computer course in our 1st year and we never attended her classes in regular.

Whole class adores her for the respect she gives. I remember one of the classes where I got in during the middle of it. I was taken by seniors for ragging. When I entered, she asked, If I belong to this class.
I said, "yes"

"ఓహ్ మీరేనా  రాగ్గింగ్ బాధితులు. రండి " (Oh! You're the ragging victim. Please enter. ) (Sarcasm Included)

Good Memories. 

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