Monday, March 25, 2019

My First Days in Schools.

First days are the most memorable days for, all my imaginations will be put to comparison by getting into the reality. I remember my first days at various schools.

Hanamkonda. When Dad said that we're moving to a new place called Hanmakonda. I was 7 years old and imagined a long road with a  huge mountain at the sight. Wondered where I could place Hanuman in the city, but all I could imagine was a  straight road with a lot of buildings aside and a  huge mountain at the front.

We reached Hanmakonda and nothing was on par with my imagination. The lanes seemed sparse, there is less hustle bustle. It was calm. I stayed at guest's house for two days and was taken to school. I remember the journey in some uncle's car to my then new school. Adarsha High School.

The Wall Clock and the admin officer's question to dad are still vivid memories. I looked at them and escaped from the seat and walked behind the room. There was a spacious ground  with nothing to play. Back then, slide and few swings were the huge wants. Never got one in Adarsha High School.  There was never a matter of liking and disliking. I enjoyed all the new things in life.


After staying for 3 years at Hanmakonda, we moved to Jangaon. Suhas and Smruthi left a year before us. I was wondering what kind of home we'll get into. That was the first time, my brother was not staying with us. He was put in Hostel for his 10th in St. Gabriel's school.

Srinivas uncle took us to St.Paul's school. Admission was never an easy one. My sister and myself wrote the exam. My sister performed well. I remember father saying that, the girl is good. The boy needs more focus on studies. I said, "I'll study and show him" I was never a good student though.
I remember the buzz that all parents made on the first day. I liked the school for it's spacious grounds and huge buildings. Missionary schools are the best for their school grounds and sparse areas. 


For the first time, I was getting away from my parents. I don't remember a thing except my walk into the admin building. It's all haze to recollect the first day memories.

Don't remember a damn.

My P.E.T sir got my application form. We went to my School's correspondent's house.  I was very sure of this place and school. After the visit to Vijay sir's house, we got into school and got through application form.

Gowtam Model School

I wrote an exam and didn't do well in Hindi. Sitting outside the principal's room and in a corridor, Dad said, "See because of one subject, now they're thinking twice to give us seat. Shouldn't have given them such chance to point out." He told. He was serious but not frightening. I felt bad a that moment but blamed my 9th Class Hindi teacher for not teaching me well. 

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