Saturday, March 16, 2019

Food. Walks and conversations- Gratitude Tales

Nikita saved me from all the awkward group lunches at the workplace. 

After Azith left, I was alone in the campus enjoying my lunches until I joined Nikita in August.

Had a difficult time to find a person who welcomes random conversations. And also a person who's a good listener.  

She's nothing of what I saw her first time. She seemed calm, hardly spoken and very shy. And if someone asks me about her now, I'd tell, "Anything but an introvert."

Sometimes about ILP days, sometimes about my adventures I share anything and everything under the sun. Nikita affirms quietly a lot on anything she has interest in.  She shares stories that are quite dimensional at every perspective. She joined me whenever I visit ToastMasters. And the first person to hear about my book talks is Nikita. Post talk, I share the feedback, in person comments with her. Most of the time, I keep jumping and sharing how happy & jobless I'm. 

I remember her for all the food, walks and all the conversations. She was gracious enough to join me every time I call her as I was very inconsistent at going to the office.

I may never meet her for such lunches from now on. Lunches with her were something I always looked up for to share all my adventures and also to seek her encouragement on the most random things. I'm grateful for one such encouragement. 
Nikita & I 

She called up on my birthday and asked if I was heading to the office, I haven't decided then. 

She sounded cheerful saying, "You better do something good & interesting." And my good thing was to hitchhike. And I hitchhiked to Bidar, just like that. Thanks, Nikita for those words. If not for the call, I'd have never hitchhiked to Bidar.  

I cherish the whole time spent with Nikita.  For all the food, walks and the conversations. I'm grateful for all the time. 

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