Monday, March 4, 2019

Gratitude Tales

April 2016

I graduated in Engineering course and it took me a long time to realize that I can't attend college anymore. Before I could realize the end of my college days properly, my college got ended. I was not concentrating on things I gotta do and fooled around procastinating a lot of things. 

Shreya once said, "You don't want to do the things you have to and you want to do the things that are over." Her words stunned me to introspect myself. 

I acted on those words and did what I wanted to do. Moved to Bangalore for a quite good amount of time. 

That break was much needed to reassess things in my life. And I returned to Hyderabad on February 17.

I started working at Hyderabad and stayed in touch with everyone possible. 2 years passed with a lot of various things happening in life. Just before I was trying out for various things during the last months of 2018, Shreya helped me again by her company and words.

Just like the words,"you cannot see your own ears. You cannot see the full picture if you're in the picture," Shreya helped me in finding the full picture. 

It was a coincidence that I shared her about my application right after her return from Rajasthan. 

Shreya, in between photobombing the picture

She didn't judge. She didn't discourage. She helped me to understand what I'm taking up. 

Right after the exam, interview, phone interview and also till the shortlisting, she listened to my rambling, gave me a sense of whole understanding of what I'm signing up for. 

I sought her help to understand things better. I still can't realize that I'm leaving my comfort zone on a big scale. Her time and words assure me of a great company. One of the friends whom I can always count on for help.  Thanks a lot, Shreya.

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