Monday, March 28, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Rifles and Flies

Narasimha and I decided to walk to hotel. Crossing the dry fields, we discussed a lot on what drives us ahead. Mr.Sim was sharing his border stories. Walking in Rajasthan, I asked, "how difficult was it to walk at the border?" I asked. "A 7 kg metal plate covering the chest and back, 3 magazines of bullets and single loaded rifle and the shoes." He began listing out all the items they carry and the weight they carry. 

I'm sure they must be walking weighing 30 kgs.

 We also discussed a little about rifle handling. "When one helds a rifle, the good grip will help you avoid the swollen shoulders and bruised chins." He explained how it recoils. 

Talking of the heavy machinery and all the weapons, we walked two to three kilometres and minute flies paced into us, getting stuck in our hair, head skin and some into eyes. Sometimes, we assume us being strong but, troubled by flies shows how little we are in control of our environment. 

Walked further and watched this old man on the bags. A simple old man 

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