Monday, March 21, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Stones and Series of Games

The school assembly is yet to begin. The empty space between two rooms is occupied by bunch of kids throwing stones in the air. I joined them and observed that a kid points out to a particular stone to be untouched. Other stones need to be handled one by one. The rules are plenty. The terms used in this game are funny. The Dog finds the cat, the cat catches the rest and sends them home.

School is a lot more than studying. A school is where we meet, ideate, think, stroll, laugh, make relationships. These children from 6th class were chewing gums in their mouth and throwing stones in the air at ease. The focus they got on these stones shows the hand and eye coordination. 

Who has the time to chew the gum? A favourite past time I enjoyed.

Why don't we buy gum anymore? We don't want to spend time chewing the gum. We got phone to chew over thoughts.

Through air columns, kids sing, kids play and make their schooling beautiful. Good to see them being themselves.  

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