Thursday, March 31, 2022

Thoughts- Painting the irritation

Spent four hours on one painting and I'm still dissatisfied with it. I woke up late and wished to finish that painting. However, I arrived at workplace as I had to attend a lot of work. No mood to do anything, I'm irritated, agitated and just want to paint. What do I want to paint? I don't have an idea. I just want to paint. I want to write my thoughts. I want to paint. 

I wish to go deep in a thought trailing my thoughts. Just trail where ever my mind goes and observe where all it goes. 

Currently, I wish to get away from the place and get out of the feeling shackled emotions. What's causing it? What's causing me to think that I'm shackled and yes, to what am I shackled? Is it work? Don't I want to be honest about what I feel towards work?

Now, I don't want to work. Period. No one is forcing me to work. Let me get back to painting. 

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