Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Holidays with Harry- Information is the key

"I'm not sure of how to write my draft and there's no clarity," I nagged with Harry. 

"Great. You've realized that you lack clarity. You already are one step ahead. A lot frustrate without knowing what they're lacking at."

I gained a little confidence by Harry's words, I realised I can think through this unclarified moments. "What's next?" I asked him. 

"Seek information," responded Harry, "talk to people, consider opinions, gather as much knowledge as possible on the area/project/subject around which you're working on. 

"Will that give clarity?" I was impatient to reach at clarity.

"Certainly, you'll be better informed to work further. Gaining information is one way to clear out the haze towards your what you want to work on."

"I always had a lot of questions on writing. What are the do's and dont's in writing? Can I spare myself from grammar in my first draft? How important is to finish the first draft? What techniques should I use to enhance a scene? Can I think through the storyline by bits and pieces and tweak the sequences. Am I allowed to work on linear and non-linear narratives. There were a lot of doubts and I was confused where to reach.  

I tried asking Google for every doubt I had and reflecting my patience, I was overloaded with huge load of opinions, tips, hacks. That didn't help at all. I began to listen to writers interviews and their processes. 

Listening to the podcasts of the writers, I realized that I'm free to be acutely observe everything in my life and sharpen my skill by writing down my experiences with the help of five senses. The art of working on specific area to enhance the skill. Earlier, I always assumed that I should get the style naturally rather than impose a particular style. Now, I'm free to dabble with the styles. I'm free to take a write down a lot of notes on what I read. I'm free to maintain a writer's notebook and prepare for my upcoming books. And I also learnt that writing fiction contains character building, plotting, sequencing, narrating and much more. 

The information liberated me from the fears I always had if I'm allowed to do what I'm doing. 

Seeking information indeed gave me a whole confidence to take a step ahead rather than being paralyzed in doubts with little action. 

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