Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Hind Swaraj- Play

Hind Swaraj-Theatre play is  directed by Arjun Deo Charan.  Swati, Vaishnavi and I headed to JKK for the play. 10 minutes at the play, we walked out of it. We couldn't watch it further. 

It's a play on Hind Swaraj. The lights and sound were patchy. Except three actors, I couldn't find any one worth watching. The Gandhi forgets when to deliver the dialogues, the actors are clueless when to walk out of the stage as the lights guy seemed to snore in the few seconds gap he gets in the play. Sometimes, they play music, sometimes they don't. I was told, it's a good play by a big directors. Technical glitches and bad design resulted a terrible performance. Glad we walked out soon after we realized it. 

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