Saturday, March 5, 2022

In dialogue with Shwetha

I attended an art show, Aheli, a female artists exhibition at Kalaneri art gallery. I glanced through a lot of art, a few hyper realistic painting, a few sketches, a lot of sculptures and a few abstract paintings. I  got a chance to catch up with the artist Shwetha, whose art was exhibited. 

Shwetha and her friend

Excerpt from our conversation:

Abhinay: "What's your painting process?" 

Shwetha: I do not think and paint. I paint and then think of what I could see. What I see depends on my mood, time, and a lot of factors. 

A: How do you choose particular colors when you begin to paint?

Shwetha: It depends on my mood. If I'm happy, I use bright colors, I'm angry, I use dark colors. Every color symbolises a mood for me. 

As Shwetha mentioned of colors and her interpretation, I was interested on how she arrived at the abstract painting as an artist. 

A:How did you arrive at the painting?

Shwetha: I began with figurative paintings, realistic and slowly, I enjoyed finding abstract as subject rather any realistic subjects. I took a lot of time. At first, I'm from Literary background and I did nothing in it. I came to this art gallery, did a few certification courses on painting and pursued masters in visual art and through out the process, I'm evolving as an artist. 

A: How important is to study Art as a course?

Shwetha: Everyone can be an artist but, not everyone can appreciate art. One has to have the knowledge of art to interact with art and appreciate it. I can walk around the exhibition and say everything as good and bad. I'll state what I feel. But, when I study art, one can criticize, point out, think of the processes and much more. So it's good to have the knowledge of art. As it can help us to understand or interact with art in more deep manner rather superficially.

Walking through out the gallery, we discussed and requested Shwetha for a picture with her art work. Her friend joined in for the picture as well. Thanks Shwetha for the time and the conversation. 

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