Sunday, March 27, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Banswara Company Play

As a part of Rang Rajasthan, We had this play titled, "Banswara Company," by a mumbai based director. Banswara is a small place in Rajasthan and how Mumbaikar would know about it, I thought. I realised that the director is based out of the small town Banswara. 

This was the last play of the theatre festival. Kamlesh, Pooja,  Anuranjan, Himanshu, Surender and a lot more were also present for the play. 

I managed to get a seat on the top rows. A lot of people gathered to watch the play. It was house full. I'm really enjoying these experiences of watching the play. 

This play is on the play actors of Banswara Company and how they conduct play and it's rehearsals and their struggles. 

The play has an experienced drunkard actor, an actor enthusiast, a blind harmonium player, a tabla player, a lot more actors who fill the roles of tailors, make up man as well. The owner of the company wants to fulfill his father's wish of working on Shakeaspeare's story. 

It's a funny play and the play turned out to be more meta as actors are acting in a play and they wants to play Othello. We watch a play within the play. We see the inside scenes as well as the performance and it's a delight to witness the actors at their best. 
The production got the  light and sounds right on the stage. Watching different play I could see a lot of variety and differences in the plays. 

I enjoyed how one story is interpreted and narrated through their own way.

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