Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Theatre Play- Mira by Sahil Ahuja

 Rang Rajasthan is a theatre art festival hosted at Jawahar Kala Kendr. I got a chance to watch the play, "Mira" directed by Sahil Ahuja. I was heartened to see Yogesh on the stage, a theatre fellow I met at my workplace. 

The play Mira is about the Meera Bai depicting the theme of love and pain. There are four actors wearing white dresses walking around the stepped stage. The stage and the lights were to the perfection to bring an etching impression of the play. The live music by violinist, guitarist and a percussionist enhanced the emotions of the play. 

In this play, the actors play the role of narrators as well as the characters. Theatre storytelling seemed to be the most powerful format. 

Evocative and I'm keen to read more about Meera. I was also told that Meera is a parallel figure to the poetess Akkamahadevi, a shiva devotee.

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