Monday, March 28, 2022

Thoughts- Social media and Strangers

It's interesting on how we meet strangers and the excitement of knowing them is distracted by their  internet presence. A thorough check on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sites, you feel like, you know the person. One can know where all they've travelled, their friends, their interests and a lot more. The perception of knowing a person through this internet foot print rather than the conversations they share is boring. 

I met a person, I've a no idea about the person except the person's name, mother tongue and hometown. A good place to start the conversation, right? Out of little curiosity, I google about the person and I get their social media handles and I'm already on the stories they narrate. I thought once that social media can be a good trigger to start more conversations but, it already gives me a lot of impressions on personality and I go with my opinions rather than open mind. Social media is not the culprit, I should stop the internet profile check to know people. 

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