Sunday, December 12, 2021

Travel Tales- Hills and Hilarious moments

 I traveled to Mussoorie and Landour was the extent I went on. For the first time, I moved beyond Mussoorie and Landodur. Along with J & Miss M, I traveled to Uttarkashi, a small valley in the hills of Uttarkhand. 

At night, we took a train to Dehardun from Uddam Singh Nagar and arrived at 4 am in the morning. Uttarkhand in winters can be torturous as well as cozy. I was wearing three layers and yet, I was shivering to Dehradun winters. 

I’ve been to a few places in Uttarakhand but did not go beyond Landour. This is the first time, I’m traveling beyond Mussoorie. I was advised to carry warm clothing.  As we travelled from Rudrapur at 10 PM, we reached Dehradun by 4 am. Despite being deprived of sleep, we freshened up and indeed played a TT game at our workplace before we began to Uttarkashi. Deprived of deep sleep, I was trying to sleep in the car whenever I get a chance. At beginning, I was heartened to see the Sahastradhara road and the familiar road to Mussoorie. J had begun sharing his memories, Woodstock buildings, the old roads, the playgrounds, I kept watching everywhere he pointed out. We discussed all the funny incidents that happened on these roads. The time when he was assisting a foreigner for research work, they went out on a bike. On a slope, the foreigner was taking a wrong turn, J jumped out of bike, looking at the young J jump out of bike, he held his feet on the ground and let the bike slip out of his hands and let it go. The bike was on free ride on a slope. Thankfully no one got hurt, that was the sight J remembers and laughs even now.

The stories were plenty and we were keen to listen to the experiences. 

By the time, we were at height, we were able to soak in the sun. We stopped at a place with a nice view of Himalayas. There, we stood and enjoyed the view looking around. We found a funny point as well. Tingling Point. 

Observing the trees and jungle fowls, we reached the district of Uttarkashi. 

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