Sunday, December 12, 2021

Travel Tales- Geography of thought

"The Geography of thought," always interested me. How does geography influences in our thinking. How does the landscape affects the culture and thinking process. Interacting with people on hills, I guessed that they are handworkers and they closely experience the uncertainty of nature. Landslides, heavy rainfall, snowy winters, the hilly people try to accommodate themselves in these harsh conditions as well. "There's zero crime rate in this area," shared a locale who invited me for a coffee the moment he met me. People are hospitable, I felt looking at the way I was received by all these people. 

Geographic Thinking seemed to  be another interesting thinking process. Interacting with Naveen and others from social science background, I could jot down few points on geographical thinking. 

1, Spatial Significance: The importance of place  or region

2. Patterns and trends : The concept of recognizing the characteristics that are similar and repeat themselves in natural or human environment. 
3. Interrelationships: The relation between environment and humans. 

4. Geographic Perspective: The concept considers environmenal, econiomic, political and/or social implications of issues, developments, phenomena that we're focusing on. 

I really enjoyed this line on Geographic Thinking

What is where, why is it there, and why should we care?

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