Friday, December 17, 2021

Anjali & I - Birthday Gifts for me

Anjali recalled my birthday recently and wished me. I'm happy she wished me as soon as she remembered it. If I recall my friends' birthday a few days later after their birthday, I do not bother to wish them as I couldn't wish them on time. I realize that sending out the wishes is more important than wishing them only on their special day. 

On Dec 14th When I visited Anjali's place. I waited till she return from school. In the course of waiting, I dozed off. Anjali woke me up soon after she got settled at home. She walked me into her room taking out a blue bag handing me over my gifts. "Try this new medium," she suggested and handed me water colors. Two brushes and a cute green Christmas tree key chain. Along with these, she wrote an acrostic for me. Pausing in between and laughing at times, she read me out what she has written. Thanks Anjali for the gift. It means a lot.  I was curious of what she'd write with Y. Damn creative! 

I shared everything about my birthday. Soon after a series of storytelling, we walked out to play badminton. In the deserted lanes, we played badminton discussing patriarchy, school, learning and imagining the car drives to Pune. After a quick work on Harry's videos, Anjali and I again got together to play table tennis on the dining table with the writer's digest books acting as net. I was busy slicing the ball while Anjali was playing with a rhythm and grace. Sharing some puns, we played 5 games, out of which Anjali won them all. 

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