Monday, December 27, 2021

In dialogue with Illoy Kohli

Attending Shreya's wedding, I got a chance to meet Kashyap after a long time. Kashyap introduced me to Illoy, the masseur who ended up as professional mountain climber.  

How did this sport began? I asked. 

To start his sports story, he had to share his stint with drugs. "At small age, I started consuming drugs. In 9th class, I had an overdose. I dropped out of the school and did nothing. I tried my hand at farming for certain time. Later, I went back and finished the school. I have my aunt who works in railway station. She got me a ticket to Hyderabad. I came here and did nothing. One of my friend asked, Why don't you learn what I do(masseuring). He was working in a wellness centre as a masseur."

"I started learning Thai massage. At the same time, learnt Thai chi. A master from Chennai came and taught me. I started investing more time in fitness. By spending time to learn this art, I feel, I have nothing but I feel rich." 

Illoy also shared how Kashyap's family was supportive in all his ventures. The reason he could achieve alot things is because of them, he shares the gratitude. 

"Here, everyone are so welcoming and helpful. My sister saw and got surprised that I'm treated as family member." 

Glad to spend time with you and catch up Illoy. Kashyap family is full of sweet hearts. 

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