Sunday, December 5, 2021

Friends- Sruthi's Wedding

Sruthi is getting married! 

After 2019, Sruthi and I couldn't meet for many reasons. We've taken our ways, staying silent, believing, we'll get back to our conversations. In December 2021, Sruthi called and I was intuitive of the happy news. 

"Where are you in December?" Sruthi asked. 

"Uttarkhand," I replied. 

"Abhinay, I'm in Hyderabad." she mentioned and I knew that there's something happy and important news. Sruthi is getting married!

Knowing Sruthi from 2009, we managed to stay together for all these years. As Sruthi left for U.S, we still managed to meet when she returned to India. Growing together and communicating now and then about our lives is of different fun. Excited to attend Sruthi's wedding.

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